About Us

Our Story:

  • Our story began in early 1990 with a group of professionals who sought to harness their knowledge and experience working actively with end-users, occupational safety and health professionals across Southeast Asia.
  • These enterprising individuals worked together to build a portfolio of safety equipment, designed to protect and provide comfort.
  • This led to the inception of Revogard Pty Ltd in 2020.

 Our Home:

  • Revogard Pty Ltd is located in Perth, Australia. 
  • We are committed to support our authorized distribution partners to actively engage with our customers across the Asia Pacific Rim. 

 Our People:

  • Passion is the driving force of our company. 
  • Our people are competent, diligent, and focused on our customers. 
  • We advocate the importance of listening to their needs and expectations; understand their tasks, potential hazards, as well as conditions that impact their working environment.     
  • We cultivate a positive team culture that enhances synergy and empowers us to fulfil customer expectations.
  • Across our supply chain, we are committed to employ ethically and ensure that our business operations are free from exploitation.     

 Our Brand:

  • The REVOGARD brand stands for “Built to Protect, Designed for Comfort”.  
  • We will deliver upon this brand promise diligently and consistently by meeting our customers’ expectations.

 Our Product:

  • Our products are defined by our promise: Built to Protect, Designed for Comfort. 
  • Safety is our priority. This propels us to recognise and analyse potential risks associated with work tasks during product development.
  • We work with our team of engineers in our manufacturing facilities to develop, build, and test products to ensure that we deliver on our promise consistently.

 Our Values:

  • We are committed to the stakeholders in our community; protecting the people who wear our product, our customers, our suppliers, and their families. 
  • We will uphold principles that ensure legal, ethical, and responsible policies and practices across our organisation at all times.